FROM TYPE Volume Weight
100% from India Oil base,Essential oil 10 ml 100 Gram


Safety data:

  • Non toxic
  • Non irritant
  • Non sensitising
  • ISO certified

Lemongrass,has the refreshing and antiseptic properties of lemon but is more warming.it should be well diluted (do not use in concentration of more than 2%)and may be used in massage oils,insect repellent preparation and room sense.The main actions of Lemongrass are on the digestive system and skin.It is also a mild antidepressant and will relieve stress and nervous exhaustion.It will help to stimulate the appetite and tone a sluggish digestive system.Has been used to treat colitis and because of it’s antiseptic properties it is helpful for enteritis and other gastric infection.Combine with geranium in a base oil and massage over the abdomen.
Lemongrass deodorising and astringent aleffecr on the skin.it can be used to treat open or blocked pores and acne,and may be added to a facial steam to deep-cleanse the skin.
This oil is widely used as an insect repellent for mosquito repellent for mosquitoes and fleas.It is also a parasitic ode,eliminating lice,scabies and ticks.

Most common uses:

  • Enteritis
  • Acne
  • Sports preparation
  • Insect repellent
  • Parasiticide
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