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Africa Oil base,Essential oil 10 ml 100 Gram


Safety data:

  • Non toxic
  • Non irritant
  • Non sensitising
  • ISO Certified

Frankincense,is a tonifiyinv oil with anti-inflammatory,Astringent properties,Uplift,Nervous system and for meditation.
It is a wonderful rejuvenate oil to use in massage and skin lotions,though it’s uplifting properties are best experienced by adding it to an essential oil burner;it may also be added to the bath,carrier too.

The main action of frankincense is on the nervous system, it’s effect is to calm and uplift the spirit while at the same time increasing energy.its ability to assist concentration indicates it’s Ling history of use as an incense and an aid to can also be helpful in treating anxiety and tension; a few drops of frankincense in an essential oil burner are very uplifting and beneficial if you are feeling stressed,tired or overwhelmed.

Most common uses:

  • Meditation
  • Stress
  • Mucous conditions
  • Ageing skin
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